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Alma Therapeutic's Capsule

Alma Therapeutic's Capsule

Alma's capsule provides a unique platform for oral delivery of therapeutic proteins and peptides which possess poor oral bioavailability, necessitating administration via injections.

The company’s technology utilizes a microneedles - array approach for advanced oral delivery.
This is a novel needle‐free alternative to injectable drugs that can enhance quality of life for millions of people requiring chronic administration of injectable drugs.  


Alma Therapeutics advantages
  • Enhances patient compliance: pain free and non invasive

  • Addresses unmet need: quick and easy, highly specified treatments

  • Effectively delivers biotherapeutic drugs

  • Bypasses biologic barriers

Alma Therapeutic's Capsule

Gastro-resistant coated capsule moves along the GI tract and aimed to dissolve at the alkaline pH of the upper intestine

Flexible patch is released from capsule

Flexible patch is released from capsule, expended and oriented toward the intestinal mucus

Biodegradable microneedles array

Biodegradable microneedles array penetrates through the intestinal wall and delivers the biologics directly into blood vessels

Flexible patch

Flexible patch is de-attached from the intestine wall and discarded with the lumen content movement

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